More Super Hero Movies News, Captain America 2?


Yes I have some more super hero movie news for you. Anyone who reads my articles know that I do reviews on some of the latest movies as well as super hero movie news.

I do not review a movie the way most established reviewers do. I review movies on pure entertainment value. If its a movie that puts me to sleep I feel more than likely it will put most of you to sleep as well. If it is tasteless trash not suitable for family viewing I will let you know that as well.

I have seen movies that some of the established critics turned their thumbs down on and I and a lot of other movie goers loved it, one such example was Battle LA. Based on some of the reviews I read and saw on TV you would have thought the movie was the worst thing since hiccups on a first date.

If you want the truth in movie and video game reviews look no further and come here and see what the peoples choice in news and reviews has to say. The next movie I will be reviewing will be Scream 4 which I will post here early Sunday morning 4/17/11.

With that said let me get to the latest in super hero movie news. It seems they are already working on a Captain America 2 film and there is talk it will take place again in the WWII time frame. I personally would like to see the movie take place in the present but what do I know? We'll see what happens when the first movie debuts this summer.

Next up, there is a Lone Ranger movie in the works, a lot of younger people might not have heard of the Lone Ranger but he was a very popular radio character in the 40's and a popular TV character as well in the 50's and 60's. With a great cartoon series that aired in the mid to late sixties. I have a huge DVD collection of the 50's TV show. The role of Tonto has already been cast and it seems Johnny Depp has secured that role, so far the role of the Lone Ranger has not been cast yet.

I would love to see this movie succeed because it might help bring Westerns to the big and little screens again. There was a time back in the 50's and 60's when there were some really good Westerns on TV now they don't exist anymore. I would rather watch a good Western than the lousy reality shows that the networks are feeding us. With Johnny Depp maybe this movie just might be a success, but even with Johnny the script would have to be good as well.

Well that's all for now….Talk to you soon…


Bad News Bears – Remake of the Old Movie


Bad News Bears is a remake of the 1976 comedy. I went to see this movie thinking I was going to get a huge laugh and I did, because the personalities never changed among the children. In a good comedy, you need to know when to say the right stuff at the right time for it to be funny, and this movie does that very well. Parents might want to keep there youngsters away from this movie though, as it does have a lot of vulgar language in it, and being a PG-13 movie, most young children wouldn’t see it without an adult anyway.

Thorton plays an alcohol-loving baseball coach, who has to coach a group of untalented baseball players. I mean when I say untalented, I mean untalented. All of the kids have there own funny moments, which make this a true comedy. There are whites, african americans, armenians, fat people, skinny people, girls… Talk about a mixed bunch of people. Thorntons attitude towards his group of youngsters is very negative, so when it comes down to crunch time he must get serious and does.

With the championship being only a few weeks away, the kids practice and practice, until they can’t practice anymore. Getting better and better everyday, they pick up a girl, the daughter of ButterMaker(Thornton). She can pitch harder than most guys her age, so being an improvement to the team, the kids feel relieved to have her.

While the kids hitting is improving, they still don’t have the offense they need, so a juvenile deliquent named Kelly who rides a dirtbike, and always likes to get into trouble comes across ButterMaker. He originally isn’t interested in playing for the Bears, so he declines, until ButterMaker gets his daughter to make a deal with him. She fails on doing so, so ButterMaker and his daugher are back to step one.

One day, where ButterMaker is forced to hand out Jockstraps to the kids, Kelly shows up and joins the team. With the big game only a short time away, the Bears must get to work. Practicing everyday still, Kelly is the Bears best hitter, and helps them win game after game. With Kelly’s power hitting, and Buttermakers daughters pitching, can they help the team get to the championship game and win? Well I will leave that one up to you to watch it!

Overall this movie is a great friends type of movie, where you can go get yourself a bucket of popcorn, and a drink, and sit back and laugh your rearend off. For the family… I am not sure if this is the type of movie you want to take your kids to. Funny comedy that will make you laugh is the best way too put it. I give this movie a 3 out of 5.


Baywatch Movie News


Coincidentally the most watched television show in world history has a cast of chesty women running in their swimsuits, with slow motion effects enhancing their perfectly etched sex appeal. Of course I am referring to BAYWATCH and ever since the final episode it has been a rumored dream for the babes of Baywatch to strut their stuff across the screens of movie theatres. Here is the latest news on Baywatch the movie.

Sure you may argue that there was already a Baywatch movie and you have the Hawaii Wedding DVD to prove it, however Dreamworks announced in 2004 that they had bought the rights to create a movie version to excel beyond the made for television status of Hawaii Wedding or for that matter the Baywatch flick: Forbidden Paradise. Originally Jessica Simpson was signed on for the lead role of C.J. Parker and the film was slated for a 2006 release. After 2006 came and went, the world was left waiting.

Even though the popularity of searches for the Baywatch title on, (the Internet Movie Data Base), is shown as rising there isn't any actual information listed describing the future of this project. The popularity for the searching surge must then be based off of the re-run shows still airing with a huge international fan base.

Even with the discouragement of a failed search one may still find hope in a recent interview given by Carmen Electra. Sources have her quoted with statements involving what is referred to as the "forthcoming" release of Baywatch: The Movie. Carmen states that she doesn't have interest in any sort of role within the film, even though her former co-star Pamela Anderson has been named as having a cameo in the production. Electra went on to say, "Frankly, I didn't really enjoy being on Baywatch." Apparently the actress was not the greatest swimmer and having to spend long days trying to keep her hair and make-up sharp in competition with all the sand and surf took its toll. She did make sure to mention she enjoyed the reunion show and it was "fun to meet the team again." Gossip spinners will point out that Carmen was never actually asked to join in on the upcoming movie as Pamela was and that Carmen should be jaded.

So what is the actual status of the film? There seems to be too much in "the works" for the project never to see the light. Popular director Eli Roth was rumored to be the director, however he has clearly stated he is NOT going to direct, but is a producer. There you have it, someone is pumping money into this thing to get it made. Eli Roth has stated that the Baywatch movie will be comprised of a new cast of "hotties" and David Hasslehoff, though previously denying any involvement, may end up having something to do with it as well. British Actress Keeley Hazell has been set to cast in a Baywatch movie project according to

If Roth can bring the same energy to the sets of Baywatch as he does the films he actually directs, and the sex appeal is comparable to the blood and gore of his projects Hostel and Cabin Fever, then Baywatch fans are possibly in for one wet and …

Reading Movie News Blurbs


As summer draws near, the summer blockbuster season will soon be upon us. In order to drum up buzz about their films in such a competitive market, the public relations and press releases are churning out all sorts of blurbs hoping to catch the eyes of the ideally undiscerning reader/potential movie goer. Here are a few general ones and its true meanings.

First hit of the summer!

"We're not sure how well our summer film will fare against other summer films, so we're releasing it earlier to avoid competition."

Remember when summer began in June? Movie studios apparently did not. The past summer blockbuster seasons have shifted from mid June to early to June to late May. And now the summer blockbuster season starts the first weekend of May. What's the matter, afraid your Norse God won't stack up against the leader of the Autobots?

The greatest film since (Title of great film)

" Our film can't stand on its own legs so it's riding off the success of another film."

I hate critics who cite previously released films during reviews of current films. One potential pitfall is that I or the intended audience may not have seen the previous film and tangentially will be able to compare the two. The worse pitfall is that I or the intended audience hated the previous film and will now avoid the current film for being similar.

A multinational cast.

"Our film will have a combination of an aging British actor serving as a mentor, an attractive exotic girl for eye candy, a token black character who will most likely die, and an Asian star with a huge international following who guarantees that our film will sell well in his/her home country. The main characters will still be young white males."

Hollywood is still whitewashing its films no matter where the stories originate. Some comedy groups have poked fun at that while other actors like George Takei are speaking out on it. So far the race battle is still an uphill one.

Impressive visuals.

"We forgot to write a plot."

An alarm blares in my head whenever I read this. Saying a movie has impressive visuals is like saying a movie used a camera to film it. Movies are not radio programs-they're supposed to have visuals. And those visuals are meant to impress. If that is the only thing worth mentioning, then it just means the studio spent more money on visuals than plot. Animated and 3D films are especially guilty since they tend to think visuals are enough to impress an attention deficit audience.