News From The Dark-Net – What Is It and Should You Be there


Matthew Falder, a Cambridge graduate, aged 29, was condemned in 2016 to 32 years in prison for a list of accusations such as blackmail, creating indecent images with children and encouraging the rape of minors. All these happened on the dark web, where Falder was a part of a complex network of offenders.

His crimes became an alarming signal to the world that the dark web brings many dangers, and that is a blanket for some hideous acts.

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Recently, we were able to interview Eileen Ormsby and to find out the latest news about the people fighting these horrible crimes. Eileen was previously a corporate lawyer in Australia but changed her career entirely after writing a successful book about the underground of the internet. In The Darkest Web, she speaks about the black drug market and the websites recruiting hitmen.

We spoke with Eileen about her experience and about what dangers this new field brings.

  • How important is confidentiality in the dark web?

Eileen: First of all, we should know that the dark web is not accessible for the average WordPress developer. You can’t use the ordinary companies to have a website in this part of the internet. Besides the users looking and selling despicable services, there are also web developers that keep this network alive. Confidentiality is essential for the average darknet users, but these are the real masterminds of the whole thing that really want to be private.

There is a strong community here. People with the same mentality meat each other, knowing that they can’t be traced. This privacy might be useful for some, but leaves room for a lot of illegal activities that are not possible anywhere else.

  • Is the Dark Web closed to the real world?

Eileen: Our lives go further both in the online and offline. There is no clear border between them. The difference is that this level of confidentiality motivates people to go further with their illegal acts.

It can be a good thing, as this privacy helps whistleblowers from oppressed countries to have their say. Still, it also encourages extreme behavior from some marginalized people of society. The average nerd in front of the computer can become a gangster. People behind the monitors are not fit and strong as the ordinary gangster on the street, but they can still bring death with a single click.

  • You investigated Matthew Graham that administrated from his Melbourne living room a massive network of pedophilia websites. You also participated in the verdict in 2016, where the judge described him as the ‘supreme evil.’ How would you describe him?

Eileen: He was a sad and quiet individual without any friends. He was not adapted to society, had many problems, and what he did made him feel important. The case is sad, but because of the outrageous acts of this person, I can’t feel sorry for him.

What healthy people should know is that the dark web is not something you can have fun with. Don’t think about accessing just out of curiosity. People there are looking for newbies, and you never know when they will steal valuable information from your phone or computer.

You can know more about security when browsing …

Bloody News Sells Best


A horrible accident on the highway where bodies are sprawled out on the roadside ties up traffic for miles. It is not because the road is blocked but only because drivers want to slow down and take a peek. Most drivers find the gruesome scene entertaining and would love to park their car and get a better look at the blood trickling out of the crushed bodies but the traffic police forces them to move on. It is no different when a person passes a newsstand and sees a headline describing mass murder or mayhem. They stop and purchase the newspaper and are then entertained by the blood curdling photos and stories. The events in Gaza where civilians and children are being killed while mothers are weeping is so entertaining to the lovers of grief and death that the media is now harvesting a fortune by displaying it to the public. It is wrong to label MSM as being biased because they focus on the dark side of life. They are only in the entertainment business giving the public what it enjoys most and that is a clear view of death and destruction.


Be Careful when You Watch the News


In the course of a 24-hour news cycle, the consumer is bombarded with breaking news flashes. As media outlets compete for ratings with early reporting and provocative coverage, stories which leave first impressions are not frequently fully explored in subsequent rotation. Unfortunately, this ratings-centric approach may drive public opinion in unintended directions.

As the issue du jour has swirled around airport security in all its guises since the Christmas underwear bomber was thwarted by a faulty fuse and suspicious travelers on his way to Detroit, lapses in vigilance at any transportational hub have been ghoulishly pounced upon as sensation outweighs solid reporting. Media outlets have leapt forward with various videos depicting lax and incompetent procedure in several airports. Unfortunately, at least two of these incidents were not fully researched or explained in counterpart script paired with the clips aired.

Recently, MSNBC covered a story involving a commuter who, having missed his connecting flight in Pensacola, opted to sleep in the terminal while waiting for the next available. He was videotaped doing just that several times over the night hours, when Pensacola, a small limited service facility was ostensibly closed.

As the Pensacola event was described as a major failing of Homeland Security or TSA or some combination of agencies tasked with the safety of air travel in the US, the actual truth is somewhat more mundane. It may even be classified as boring and commonplace. In a clarifying and elucidating interview with a Pensacola official on MSNBC sometime one afternoon, it became evident that the reporting was skewed.

It turns out that the Florida airport actually was closed at the time of the videotaping and was under the watch of a contracted security outfit, which regrettably missed the presence of the waylaid international traveler in the locked terminal. Of course, the passenger was entirely unaware that Pensacola is so small that it offers no services at night. He meant no harm, certainly took no action that would have raised alarm, and probably feels a bit of embarrassment at being at the center of an outcry such as the one taken up against TSA and its ilk.

Granted, the thought that this man went without detection is bizarre. There is no explanation for the oversight except that nothing, absolutely nothing, that transpired in this incident was worthy of a raised eyebrow. A sleeping straggler is not inclined to bring doom upon anyone in a deserted airport. Except perhaps he'll bring on the media sensationalists in crusade against the failure of security.

This has been nothing more than a case of hysterical exaggeration, as well as shoddy reporting lacking rational objectivity. Unfortunately, this curious overrepresentation of apocalyptic air travel protection doom is not the only incident. There is another clip blared out incessantly over the past week or so that depicts a man taking advantage of the absence of the assigned TSA officer from his post to jump the dividing rope. He proceeds to embrace his girlfriend.

In what respect is this action particularly menacing. Are we threatened by the regrettably ill-advised actions in pursuit of a human demonstration of affection? Are these types of incidents unusual or shocking when considered from the perspective that we are human? Would the media avoid the bloviation!

Both news items are alarming. Each is capable …

New York Newspapers and Information Outlets for Sports Fans


In the New York area, there are several great newspapers for sports fans. The New York City area has 3 major newspapers: NY Times, NY Post, and Daily News.

New York Times is a world famous newspaper and its sports section is huge, especially its Sunday news section. The NY Times newspaper has a high level of journalism writing and its staff is quite large. Not only does the NY Times cover local sports, but it usually covers national and sometimes international sports as well. The website for the NY Times sports section is:

The link for the New York Times pro football section is:

New York Post contains some great tabloid news and a lot of gossip but not necessarily correct factual news. I enjoy reading the NY Post for its great headlines that are witty, funny and creative. The website for the NY Post newspaper is:

The New York Post does have an exact link to a special sports section featuring the New York Giants which is:
The top Post reporters are Peter Vescey and Steve Serbey who cover the Giants football team.

Daily News newspaper was rated by New York City sports fans as having the best sports section. They have great columnists including Mike Lupica who appears frequently on the show, "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN. There is another show on ESPN called "Daily News Live" in which sports reporters from the Daily News discuss New York sports and national sports on a live television show. The website link for the newspaper is:

The Daily News also has a special football section:

As far as New York Sports coverage goes, the newspapers can very quite harsh on the Giants and other New York sports teams when they aren't playing well or after they suffer a big loss. However, when the Giants are doing well, there is no better newspaper that celebrates the success of the team.


So Have You Heard the News About Trey Songz Kissing a 15-year-old Girl?


According to, Trey songz, who was performing at the Summer Jam, brought reportedly 15-year-old, Shamika, on stage and kissed her right in the mouth. Afterward, he decided to give her a face a shower by pouring water in her mouth like a over running tub.


Newstead Abbey – Nottingham, England


As your train leaves the platform you must step onto a paved road that seemed it seen better days. In one direction it leads to Newstead, a quaint village roughly ten miles from Nottingham and in the other Sherwood Forest. Station Avenue leads you through the forest to find the medieval Newstead Abbey. A splendid display of Gothic beauty, Newstead Abbey stands at the edge of Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, England. Founded as an Augustinian cloister in 1170 by Henry II, it grew in fame under the ownership of Lord George Gordon Byron in 1540. Newstead Abbey stands now as a romantic reminder of the dedicated lives that passed through it’s doors.

The distance is little over a mile and could be driven, but for the walk is much more enjoyable. It is a slow pace on level ground. As you travel the road you can witness time slowly drifting away with each landmark. At first structures hint of new life and growth, but the long fields and gnarled trees speak of another time. There are few homes along the way and a couple weathered farms. Then ever so cleverly you are led amongst the ancient trees on a path a bit darker and more worn than before.

Once you emerge the fields have been replaced by the Upper Lake and the first glimpses of your destination. Following the lake, you will find remnants of two scaled down forts. These were built by Lord Byron, who enjoyed pretending to have great naval battles on a miniature scale. As you continue on toward the Abbey your paved road molds into historic parkland. All together, the Abbey and grounds cover about 300 hundred acres with lakes, waterfalls, ponds, and magnificent gardens.

Newstead Abbey is available year round, but should you wish to see inside the house you will need to come between April and September. When you do visit, plan to make a day of it; possibly two. The gardens alone can take an entire day to to investigate. Take time to do a little research on Newstead Abbey’s history before you arrive. It will help you to understand Lord Byron’s eccentric ways and lead to finding hidden treasures placed all along the grounds. Keep an eye out for friendly peafowl and deer along your way, as they are very familiar with guests.


How to Start Your Own Community Newspaper


So, you have decided that your community needs a newspaper. Most often this decision came about due to public misconceptions and a lack of information that you were made aware of. This article will detail the steps that you need to take into account. It will show you how to start your own community newspaper so that the very first issue is complete and appears professional.


Computer with a word processor
Large volume, high speed copy machine – (a small computer printer will be too expensive to use)
At least one ream of low grade paper
Two full black ink cartridges
One full color ink cartridge
Stapler and staples
Glue stick
Digital camera

(Your first publication may not include each of the items listed here. However you will want to make note of the fact that future issues will include these items.)

  1.  A business of the month.
    You will generate more advertising by featuring a local business on the cover of each publication. It will encourage these businesses to support your efforts and can inform the public of services they may not have been aware of. Be sure that you do not exclude industrial businesses. They will often place employment advertisements in your publication or will donate funds for a small block of text and/or a logo, that credits them with their support.
  2.  An interview with the Mayor of your community.
    This will also be a monthly column.
  3.  Council news.
    You will need to attend the city council meetings. Take notes on the topics that arise and report them. You can also take advantage of the time before and after meetings to arrange personal interviews with each council member.
  4.  Attend any meetings of the local PTA and any other non-profit or volunteer organizations in your community. Take notes and report the events and topics of these meetings.
  5.  Ask your mayor to list for you any community projects that may exist. Make appointments with the people that run these projects for interviews. These can also lead to monthly informational columns. If for example your community has a nutrition center you may find that there is a menu that you can publish each month for your readers. Our example paper included this item and the local nutrition center’s business tripled in less than three months. Many farmers took advantage of the noon-time delivery of meals for their workers.
  6.  An about column. This column should detail the intentions of this publication. It should list details about the organization of the newspaper, who works on it, contact information, advertising rates and a disclaimer. Your disclaimer should clearly state that the opinions of the writers are not necessarily endorsed by the sponsor organization, the city/community or educational leaders.
  7.  An editors column. This column can carry any title of your choice. The topics covered are at the discretion of the editor. It can include personal observations, humor, experiences of the editor or issues that the editor, you, encounter on a daily basis.

This writer started a community newspaper in a farm community of less than 500 people. It included articles such as; My Embarrassing Moments, I Know It’s Monday When…, (this article commented on the liter that was more prevalent on Monday mornings.)What Our Community Lacks, …

Latest News- All About Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has been in the media lately not because of her work on the big screen, but because of her problem with drugs and alcohol. Lindsay is now only able to live in her Los Angeles area home. Lindsay must attend psychotherapy sessions fives times per week, speak with a chemical dependency mentor at least seven times a week, attend meetings for 12-step dependency program five times a week and take part in behavioral therapy twice a week, says lohan's attorney Ed McPherson.

Lohan will also have to go through random drug and alcohol testing at least twice a week, and Lohan cannot leave California until November 1st. Lohan was released from an in-patient drug rehabilitation program which she attended at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. On her 22nd day of treatment. Lohan signed her discharge papers from the facility.

Lohan violated probation in a 2007 driving under the influence case. Lohan spent almost 2 weeks of this summer in solitary jail cell because of her violation. Luckily lohan 90-day sentence was cut short because of her good behavior and an overcrowded jail.

Apparently Lindsay's Lohan father Michael Lohan is planning to open up a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Michael plans to relocate to "help people" with addiction problems says Michael. He goes on to state his rehab center is being backed by "a really well known person" Michael did not disclose who this well known person is. Michael claims to have a whole team of therapists in place and financing is done, but he has not settled on a location yet.

Lindsay is doing better though she's not 100% yet. There is still hope for Lindsay and she's on the right path. As for Michael Lohan he seems confident and strong about his plans to open his own rehab center in California.


News – the Woe Factor


News – The Woe Factor!

I'm hopelessly addicted to reading the news. I read several national news Internet publications as well as local news. I want to know what is happening everywhere – not that it will change my life, but I have an aversion to staying informed.

How the news is portrayed in the headline and the actual content of many articles is often contradictory or depending on the political leanings of the writer or editor manages to portray a positive as a negative or vice-versa.

In economic news, I read a headline that declared that "97,000 Jobs Added in February, Weakest in Two Years". I hesitantly clicked on the headline convinced that the bad news would confirm my suspicions that our economy is tanking, The report revealed that unemployment had decreased, wages were rising, jobs for college graduates were plentiful, the trade deficit was retreating and exports reached a record high. Wait a minute! That's good news. The fact that there were 97,000 less jobs available probably meant that many people had successfully found employment. Still, I couldn't help but leave that article believing that somehow our economy is suffering. Full disclosure demands that I report the negative news that high school graduates need to acquire more technical skills to compete in the job marketplace. Really! Is that news?

I read on seeking other stories that piqued my interest. "The Surge is Succeeding" was the headline with the author offering several factual examples of reduced bombings in Iraq as well as commentary from sources inside Iraq that the psychological affects of demonstrating the commitment of the US to securing peace are paying dividends. Seems to me that our political leaders ought to commend the military for their efforts so far and take actions that support their actions. Success means that the US military can leave sooner and regardless of one's political leanings, that is what we all want. Nevertheless, I have read so much that is negative that I guess we are losing. It''s like that in sports, I think. When the home team crowd is taken out of the game, the home team is at a distinct disadvantage. This war stuff might be more psychological than one thinks.

Yesterday news was released that Khalid Sheik Mohammed had confessed during his military trial in Guantanamo Bay, that he was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, that he personally decapitated journalist Daniel Pearl and he took responsibility for a number of attacks on Americans as well as others. Maybe many of us are being misled. Rosie O'Donnell, anchor of the popular daytime series, The View, stated that the only reason he confessed is because he was tortured. There is truth to her assertion, but I suspect that his treatment may have had something to do with the 3000+ that died in the twin towers. I don't think that Khalid Sheik Mohammed is a good person. I'm not sure how Rosie feels.

Attorny General Alberto Gonzales is under fire for asking for the resignations or eight Attorneys General in various districts throughout the US. The fact that President Clinton asked all 93 to resign when he took office has received virtually no press coverage. In case anyone is wondering there is no difference between being asked to resign or being fired. …

Breaking News: Michigan Students Plan Walk-Out


Govenor Snyder of Michigan wants to give a $2 billion tax cut to special interests in Michigan such as CEO’S, insurance companies, and the bank. He is wanting Michigan’s seniors, children, poor, middle-class, and low-wage earners to “make scacrifices”.

Snyder is proposing to eliminate the earned income tax credit (EITC). He also wants to raise taxes on seniors. In his plan is cuts to public education, which has Michigan High Schoolers ready to take to the streets in protest. They do not want cuts to K-12 education funding.

A poll conducted by EPIC-MRA, reveals that 62% of Michiganders oppose cutting K-12 funding. Nearly 60% oppose eliminating the EITC. This tax credit helps many Michigan workers stay above the poverty line.

Students across Michigan are planning walk outs at their high schools for today and tomorrow. Michigan students participating in the walk out want Michigan’s Govenor to leave K-12 funding alone. Lansing Eastern High School students are planning a walk out for Friday, March 11, 2011.


Interview with a Lansing High School Student

Lansing State Journal