5 Android Apps All Drivers Should Know About


Smartphones can be quite distracting while driving. The issue comes from the multitude of Android apps that are useful for drivers but are not optimized to be safe to use while driving. The icons are small, the text is hard to read and there is too much on the screen. Luckily, there are a few Android apps descargaraplicaciones.pro that were designed to make things easier, practical, and safer for drivers. It is difficult to tell which is the best Android app for driving but there is a handful that stands out. These apps are a must for all drivers that get into the habit of using their smartphones a lot while driving.

Android Apps All Drivers Should Know About

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is free and while it may not be specifically designed for driving, it can work quite well. What makes it so useful is the fact that it can understand voice commands. The app has speech recognition that can be used to find Google Maps directions, play music, respond to messages, and many more. It does not change the way apps work but it is a great option for the ones that need to interact with their phone while driving but without using their hands.

Google Maps/Waze

Google Maps and Waze are the same things. They are both owned by Google and have the same features. The main difference is their interface and some design choices. While these two apps do not cover all the needs of a driver, they make navigation quite easy. These two apps have the biggest market share in terms of usage in the navigation category.

Navigation and GPS are not the only useful features of these two. Both support integration with different third-party apps such as Spotify to make it easier to switch songs and browse playlists without switching between apps. Also, Google Maps has one small advantage as it allows for offline maps. Maps can be downloaded so that navigation works even when there is no mobile network coverage.


Drivemode is a paid app but it also has a free version with ads. What makes it a better choice is the fact that on its own it does not do much. What it does is to work as a full-screen dashboard with large buttons and integration with plenty of third-party apps.

What Drivemode does well is to work with vocal commands. It works a bit better than Google Assistant. It also has very large buttons for apps such as Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, the weather, and so on. It supports hands-free messaging, voice calls, and many more.

Car Dashboard

Car Dashboard is a mix between Drivemode and Android Auto. It is also a paid app and has plenty of useful features. The app will prove useful the most to users that do not have a modern car that supports Android Auto.

The app itself is very simple in terms of concept. It takes the entire screen and fills it with very large icons to use things such as contacts, music, navigation data, speed, messaging apps, and many more. It also supports voice commands that work very well. It allows the driver to take calls without touching the phone. It can also read out loud different types of notifications and messages or it can reply to messages with just vocal commands.

Android Auto

Android Auto should be a default feature of all modern cars just because it is so easy to use. All modern Android devices have Android Auto. What the app does is to connect to the car’s infotainment system and turn it into a large touchscreen. It turns the infotainment into a large Android smartphone but with a different design, optimized for drivers. App icons are larger and things are easier to read.

It is important to note that not all the apps in the Play Store are compatible with Android Auto. The app will show on the infotainment screen only apps that are compatible with it. Fortunately, there are plenty that works with Android Auto. Waze, Google Maps, contacts, messages, Spotify, Pandora, and many more all work with Android Auto.

There is More!

There are loads more apps on the Play Store that can be very useful while driving. Nobody can tell for certain which is the best android app for driving. Certainly, Android Auto in the future and more automakers started adopting this technology but there are small dedicated mobile apps that can replace Android Auto for drivers with older cars. The 5 above apps are the most popular ones but the Play Store has tens more that may be worth checking out.