More Super Hero Movies News, Captain America 2?


Yes I have some more super hero movie news for you. Anyone who reads my articles know that I do reviews on some of the latest movies as well as super hero movie news.

I do not review a movie the way most established reviewers do. I review movies on pure entertainment value. If its a movie that puts me to sleep I feel more than likely it will put most of you to sleep as well. If it is tasteless trash not suitable for family viewing I will let you know that as well.

I have seen movies that some of the established critics turned their thumbs down on and I and a lot of other movie goers loved it, one such example was Battle LA. Based on some of the reviews I read and saw on TV you would have thought the movie was the worst thing since hiccups on a first date.

If you want the truth in movie and video game reviews look no further and come here and see what the peoples choice in news and reviews has to say. The next movie I will be reviewing will be Scream 4 which I will post here early Sunday morning 4/17/11.

With that said let me get to the latest in super hero movie news. It seems they are already working on a Captain America 2 film and there is talk it will take place again in the WWII time frame. I personally would like to see the movie take place in the present but what do I know? We'll see what happens when the first movie debuts this summer.

Next up, there is a Lone Ranger movie in the works, a lot of younger people might not have heard of the Lone Ranger but he was a very popular radio character in the 40's and a popular TV character as well in the 50's and 60's. With a great cartoon series that aired in the mid to late sixties. I have a huge DVD collection of the 50's TV show. The role of Tonto has already been cast and it seems Johnny Depp has secured that role, so far the role of the Lone Ranger has not been cast yet.

I would love to see this movie succeed because it might help bring Westerns to the big and little screens again. There was a time back in the 50's and 60's when there were some really good Westerns on TV now they don't exist anymore. I would rather watch a good Western than the lousy reality shows that the networks are feeding us. With Johnny Depp maybe this movie just might be a success, but even with Johnny the script would have to be good as well.

Well that's all for now….Talk to you soon…