Bloody News Sells Best


A horrible accident on the highway where bodies are sprawled out on the roadside ties up traffic for miles. It is not because the road is blocked but only because drivers want to slow down and take a peek. Most drivers find the gruesome scene entertaining and would love to park their car and get a better look at the blood trickling out of the crushed bodies but the traffic police forces them to move on. It is no different when a person passes a newsstand and sees a headline describing mass murder or mayhem. They stop and purchase the newspaper and are then entertained by the blood curdling photos and stories. The events in Gaza where civilians and children are being killed while mothers are weeping is so entertaining to the lovers of grief and death that the media is now harvesting a fortune by displaying it to the public. It is wrong to label MSM as being biased because they focus on the dark side of life. They are only in the entertainment business giving the public what it enjoys most and that is a clear view of death and destruction.