Breaking News: Michigan Students Plan Walk-Out


Govenor Snyder of Michigan wants to give a $2 billion tax cut to special interests in Michigan such as CEO’S, insurance companies, and the bank. He is wanting Michigan’s seniors, children, poor, middle-class, and low-wage earners to “make scacrifices”.

Snyder is proposing to eliminate the earned income tax credit (EITC). He also wants to raise taxes on seniors. In his plan is cuts to public education, which has Michigan High Schoolers ready to take to the streets in protest. They do not want cuts to K-12 education funding.

A poll conducted by EPIC-MRA, reveals that 62% of Michiganders oppose cutting K-12 funding. Nearly 60% oppose eliminating the EITC. This tax credit helps many Michigan workers stay above the poverty line.

Students across Michigan are planning walk outs at their high schools for today and tomorrow. Michigan students participating in the walk out want Michigan’s Govenor to leave K-12 funding alone. Lansing Eastern High School students are planning a walk out for Friday, March 11, 2011.


Interview with a Lansing High School Student

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