Florida News Briefs


Fort Lauderdale – Four unfortunate people died in a car accident Friday when a car that had been going the wrong way crashed into a car going the right way. The four victims who have yet to be identified were all adults and had to be extracted from their cars. Police officers are investigating whether or not alcohol played part in the car going the wrong way. At one point there was almost 24 firefighters on the scene of the accident, the AP reports.

Northwest Dade – A gunshot body was found on the side of the road located at Northwest 17th Avenue and 158th Street. The body which was found by the police around 7:00 am Friday morning has yet to be identified. Homicide detectives are seeking out clues regarding the crime, the Miami Herald reported.

Lauderdale Lakes – Quest Comm located at 3939 West Oakland Park Boulevard got a little more business then they wanted according to an employee who decided to take matters into his own hands. Sheriff deputies stated that Urel Barrett, 22, and Steven Peets, 21, went into the business and allegedly robbed an employee of his wallet and cellphone. The two then allegedly demanded an undisclosed amount of money. According to officers, both men were carrying guns and once the robbery had occurred the ran outside. Another employee who had a gun as well, ran outside and starting shooting at the suspects. Unfortunately the two got away. Detectives have yet to locate Barrett and Peets. They are considered armed and dangerous as reported by the Miami Herald.

Sarasota – Jacquelyn Ann Ferguson, 51, is accused of allegedly shooting a co-worker at the medical office she worked at. The victim who’s name has not been released died at the scene. 10 other employees who were at the medical office when the incident occurred came out of the building with their hands raised in the air. No other information has been released, AP reports.

Florida Statewide – According to data that was released Thursday, Florida ranks number five in sexual predator arrests. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested 544 sex offenders in Florida since they launched Operation Predator in 2003. Among the cases, a federal judge sentence a Miami Beach father, Kent Frank who traveled back and forth to Cambodia in 2004 to have sexual relations with underage girls. Frank faces at least 30 years in prison. Another well know offender is a Miami Beach pornographer who was sentenced to 100 years in prison after being convicted of running a child pornography business. Rafael Mariscal was having sex with underage girls on videos that had been shot in Cuba and Ecuador the Herald reports.

Orlando – Zabdiel Santiago Balaguer of Kissimmee, Florida plead guilty to federal charges that he smuggled drugs and guns aboard commercial flights to Puerto Rico. Balaguer who was an employee for Comair a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines told U.S. District Judge John Antoon II ” I was smuggling guns and marijuana through the airport as an airline employee”, as stated by AP.

Jacksonville – A cellphone tower worker, Nicholas Fischer, 21, was working 75 feet up when he lost his grip and fell to his death. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration was investigating the death since Fischer was not wearing a harness. An employee who would not release his name said all employees that work for Tower Enforcement Inc are required to wear a harness, AP reports.

Clearwater – Former Largo City Manager, Steve Stanton is now legally Susan Stanton. Stanton who has been living as a woman for sometime now is undergoing counseling and taking hormones to prepare for the transition of become a female. The Largo City Commission voted 5-2 in February to fire Stanton from her 140,000 a year job. Commissioners said that the sexual preference had nothing to do with their decision, the AP reported.

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