Fox News Caught Lying? Mixed Reaction During Straw Poll Announcement


All the world's a-twitter with a story circulating about Fox News being caught lying about the audiences reaction to the announcement of Republican Ron Paul as the winner of the CPAC 2011 Straw Poll. The cheers which actually accompanied this year's video were overwhelming compared to the mixed reaction which was heard in 2010.

One loud mouth in the crowd can be heard in the background with a low pitched "BOOO" while others are cheering in the 2010 video. The announcer says it's a mixed reaction and it is. Watching the latest video, you can hear only cheering.

Although Fox News hasn't been at the forefront of great news reporting, this was another attempt at news manipulation at its finest and the idiot liberals who love to sling mud and throw rocks at the right wing are having a field day. Why does Fox feel the need to lie to the public just to sway a straw poll?

The offending video can be seen here video.

Now that you've actually seen and heard the video – you can be the judge however, it is clear some news director got a wild hair up their a** and decided to switch video. Whether the anchors knew it is unclear, but I've been in the newsroom and they usually know all about what's going on air. In fact, they usually write it.

Unfortunately, Fox has been caught with their pants down and it's full moon but not the effect they were looking for. Fox needs to go on the air, apologize for this huge blunder. How they are going to get any credibility back is beyond me. Once a liar it's hard to gain any trust and at this point it's off with their heads!

As for Fox – well, you've been caught red-handed stating the facts even if they are twisted – but switching video? How could you?