New York Newspapers and Information Outlets for Sports Fans


In the New York area, there are several great newspapers for sports fans. The New York City area has 3 major newspapers: NY Times, NY Post, and Daily News.

New York Times is a world famous newspaper and its sports section is huge, especially its Sunday news section. The NY Times newspaper has a high level of journalism writing and its staff is quite large. Not only does the NY Times cover local sports, but it usually covers national and sometimes international sports as well. The website for the NY Times sports section is:

The link for the New York Times pro football section is:

New York Post contains some great tabloid news and a lot of gossip but not necessarily correct factual news. I enjoy reading the NY Post for its great headlines that are witty, funny and creative. The website for the NY Post newspaper is:

The New York Post does have an exact link to a special sports section featuring the New York Giants which is:
The top Post reporters are Peter Vescey and Steve Serbey who cover the Giants football team.

Daily News newspaper was rated by New York City sports fans as having the best sports section. They have great columnists including Mike Lupica who appears frequently on the show, "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN. There is another show on ESPN called "Daily News Live" in which sports reporters from the Daily News discuss New York sports and national sports on a live television show. The website link for the newspaper is:

The Daily News also has a special football section:

As far as New York Sports coverage goes, the newspapers can very quite harsh on the Giants and other New York sports teams when they aren't playing well or after they suffer a big loss. However, when the Giants are doing well, there is no better newspaper that celebrates the success of the team.