News From The Dark-Net – What Is It and Should You Be there


Matthew Falder, a Cambridge graduate, aged 29, was condemned in 2016 to 32 years in prison for a list of accusations such as blackmail, creating indecent images with children and encouraging the rape of minors. All these happened on the dark web, where Falder was a part of a complex network of offenders.

His crimes became an alarming signal to the world that the dark web brings many dangers, and that is a blanket for some hideous acts.

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Recently, we were able to interview Eileen Ormsby and to find out the latest news about the people fighting these horrible crimes. Eileen was previously a corporate lawyer in Australia but changed her career entirely after writing a successful book about the underground of the internet. In The Darkest Web, she speaks about the black drug market and the websites recruiting hitmen.

We spoke with Eileen about her experience and about what dangers this new field brings.

  • How important is confidentiality in the dark web?

Eileen: First of all, we should know that the dark web is not accessible for the average WordPress developer. You can’t use the ordinary companies to have a website in this part of the internet. Besides the users looking and selling despicable services, there are also web developers that keep this network alive. Confidentiality is essential for the average darknet users, but these are the real masterminds of the whole thing that really want to be private.

There is a strong community here. People with the same mentality meat each other, knowing that they can’t be traced. This privacy might be useful for some, but leaves room for a lot of illegal activities that are not possible anywhere else.

  • Is the Dark Web closed to the real world?

Eileen: Our lives go further both in the online and offline. There is no clear border between them. The difference is that this level of confidentiality motivates people to go further with their illegal acts.

It can be a good thing, as this privacy helps whistleblowers from oppressed countries to have their say. Still, it also encourages extreme behavior from some marginalized people of society. The average nerd in front of the computer can become a gangster. People behind the monitors are not fit and strong as the ordinary gangster on the street, but they can still bring death with a single click.

  • You investigated Matthew Graham that administrated from his Melbourne living room a massive network of pedophilia websites. You also participated in the verdict in 2016, where the judge described him as the ‘supreme evil.’ How would you describe him?

Eileen: He was a sad and quiet individual without any friends. He was not adapted to society, had many problems, and what he did made him feel important. The case is sad, but because of the outrageous acts of this person, I can’t feel sorry for him.

What healthy people should know is that the dark web is not something you can have fun with. Don’t think about accessing just out of curiosity. People there are looking for newbies, and you never know when they will steal valuable information from your phone or computer.

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