News on Natalee Holloway Remains: Search Looking Dim


The world has no official word as to whether or not Aruban divers continue the search for Natalee's Holloway's remains. According to, divers worked over the weekend and into Monday, but are they still searching? If so, Aruban officials are keeping quiet about it, and so are American officials.

Many wait for the news they long for, but may find themselves disappointed in the end. According to reports, the idea that divers will find Natalee Holloway's remains looks dim, even before Aruban divers have even located the image in the picture. Why is this so? First, divers may not even be able to locate the image in the picture.

According to, a spokesperson tells that the angle may play a crucial factor in locating the image. Even more, a spokesperson says that it looks like something is on top of the image, weighing it down. So, are divers looking for something that could serve as a weight?

If the image is that of human remains, Natalee's remains, will whatever is weighing it down give some clue to solving this case? Did someone weigh Natalee Holloway's body down as she went into the water? Did something just happen on top of the image? If this isn't an image of human remains, what is it?

Even if it is human remains, it may not be Natalee Holloway's human remains, according to Good Morning America. A woman by the name of Angela reports that it is "not uncommon to find human remains off the coast," so this means that this could be the human remains of someone else.

Authorities seem to feel that this image is not that of a skeleton. Still, some points don't quite match up. According to the Good Morning America article, "Angela couldn't reveal the identity of the person who recognized the underwater location of the photo but said it was likely a local who dives often and knows the waters around the island well."

The language in this statement seems to hold some contradictions. "Angela couldn't reveal" suggests that she knows who "recognized the underwater location." The word "likely" suggests that she's not sure. So, is Angela speculating? If so, why? Or, are the Aruban authorities blocking her from revealing the person?

Even more, why is this person receiving hush-hush time, if this is the case. Do Aruban authorities feel that this person is of interest to Natalee Holloway's case, or are they protecting this person from being of interest in Natalee Holloway's case? The statement's language calls up more questions than it answers.

According to reports, the possibility of Aruban divers finding Natalee Holloway's remains looks dim. However, the ideas of the image having something on top of it, and the possibility of clothing offer onlookers some hope. Every day is a waiting game, so why do Aruban authorities not invite American authorities in to help with the search?



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