Is a Great Source for Packers Fans


Every morning, I have a few routines I go through. I get dressed. I have breakfast. I check my e-mail and, before I go to work, I make sure to check out

Being a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan since longer than I can remember, I can't get enough information about the team, even during the off season. In the past, I had to rely on the local newspaper and a few other sports Web sites but all they did was simply rehash the same news everyone else had. I could go directly to the team's Website ( but everything on that always has a positive slant and won't give you the full story.

When I finally found, I knew I had found a perfect resource for me. A collaboration of stories from various Gannett owned newspapers around the state, the site offers a variety of stories and columns I haven't been able to find anywhere else and every one of them is about my favorite team.

The thing I like most about is they are continually updating their site with new stories and angles throughout the day. This is in stark contrast to many of the sites run by Wisconsin papers that usually only print a story or two each day and wait until the next day to add another one. This has been especially important during training camp and pre-season this year because the site has an on-going blog section that will add another story from camp on a regular basis; stuff you probably won't see in other papers such as which quarterback completed the most passes or who ran a wrong route. seems to understand its readers are fans of the team as well. The reason other sites won't cover the stuff I mentioned above is they think readers will be bored with it while understands true fans will stay by their computers for hours waiting for little details like that.

The articles and columns are also unique and informative. For example, rather than focus on the starters (like most other sites are still doing), has already had an article on which draft picks are locks to make the team and which will likely be cut; something that is pretty bold considering the team has only played one pre-season game.

If you're a Packers fan like me, this is a site you need to be on daily.