Where Does This Kind of News Come From?


Okay, I have to ask where does the news come up with some of the things they find to write about. My question is in regards to an article I just read on Comcast, written by Sara Hall, eonline. It is about how Brad Pitt is related to Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie is related to Hilary Clinton. This is the article which makes me ask this question.

I think we hear way too much about these celebrities already. Who is pregnant, who is not; Who is sleeping with whom, who is not; which one is seen out to lunch with which other one, who is not; does anyone else get tired of this stuff or is it just me.

It is my opinion that some of the problems of our young people today, by young I mean under 40, comes from so much of this type of redundant information. We feed them so much on how to look and how to act; that it becomes almost an illness for some. In fact, some are ill because of all of the media hype. When will it all stop?

I personally don't find this kind of silly information important and is certainly a waste of my time to read. Oops did I say that? I read it didn't I and that is the idea behind the story either you read it out of interest or because you find it so ridiculous.

If I trace my genealogy I find I am related to the first king of Scotland and my husband is related to the famous Robert the Bruce. Yeah the one who they portrayed as turning in William Wallace. However, he did not but that is another story for another day.

But again, who took the time to find out this information? Why? Genealogy if done correct takes years. Did these people already know several years ago that the two incumbents were running for president this term? If not then why in the world would they be doing their genealogy?

I don't know the answers to these questions, I can only tell you that I find it to be a waste of time and energy. Most people in this country will vote because they believe what the candidate says in their speeches while on campaign. Now you and I both know that every President from George Washington to George W. Bush has not been completely honest while campaigning. They have all made promises such as, no more taxes, no more wars, etc. all have not help up their end of the bargain. A citizen can only vote as they are swayed at the time. You vote and then hope that you made the right choice. Our country will always have taxes, they will always go up. The country will always step into other countries and try to "assist" it will sometimes cause a war. The government will always do the things that our government has done for hundreds of years, it will not change.

We the people will continue to be Free and to live in this country with pride no matter who is related to our President or what his genealogy shows.