Baywatch Movie News


Coincidentally the most watched television show in world history has a cast of chesty women running in their swimsuits, with slow motion effects enhancing their perfectly etched sex appeal. Of course I am referring to BAYWATCH and ever since the final episode it has been a rumored dream for the babes of Baywatch to strut their stuff across the screens of movie theatres. Here is the latest news on Baywatch the movie.

Sure you may argue that there was already a Baywatch movie and you have the Hawaii Wedding DVD to prove it, however Dreamworks announced in 2004 that they had bought the rights to create a movie version to excel beyond the made for television status of Hawaii Wedding or for that matter the Baywatch flick: Forbidden Paradise. Originally Jessica Simpson was signed on for the lead role of C.J. Parker and the film was slated for a 2006 release. After 2006 came and went, the world was left waiting.

Even though the popularity of searches for the Baywatch title on, (the Internet Movie Data Base), is shown as rising there isn't any actual information listed describing the future of this project. The popularity for the searching surge must then be based off of the re-run shows still airing with a huge international fan base.

Even with the discouragement of a failed search one may still find hope in a recent interview given by Carmen Electra. Sources have her quoted with statements involving what is referred to as the "forthcoming" release of Baywatch: The Movie. Carmen states that she doesn't have interest in any sort of role within the film, even though her former co-star Pamela Anderson has been named as having a cameo in the production. Electra went on to say, "Frankly, I didn't really enjoy being on Baywatch." Apparently the actress was not the greatest swimmer and having to spend long days trying to keep her hair and make-up sharp in competition with all the sand and surf took its toll. She did make sure to mention she enjoyed the reunion show and it was "fun to meet the team again." Gossip spinners will point out that Carmen was never actually asked to join in on the upcoming movie as Pamela was and that Carmen should be jaded.

So what is the actual status of the film? There seems to be too much in "the works" for the project never to see the light. Popular director Eli Roth was rumored to be the director, however he has clearly stated he is NOT going to direct, but is a producer. There you have it, someone is pumping money into this thing to get it made. Eli Roth has stated that the Baywatch movie will be comprised of a new cast of "hotties" and David Hasslehoff, though previously denying any involvement, may end up having something to do with it as well. British Actress Keeley Hazell has been set to cast in a Baywatch movie project according to

If Roth can bring the same energy to the sets of Baywatch as he does the films he actually directs, and the sex appeal is comparable to the blood and gore of his projects Hostel and Cabin Fever, then Baywatch fans are possibly in for one wet and …

Latest News- All About Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has been in the media lately not because of her work on the big screen, but because of her problem with drugs and alcohol. Lindsay is now only able to live in her Los Angeles area home. Lindsay must attend psychotherapy sessions fives times per week, speak with a chemical dependency mentor at least seven times a week, attend meetings for 12-step dependency program five times a week and take part in behavioral therapy twice a week, says lohan's attorney Ed McPherson.

Lohan will also have to go through random drug and alcohol testing at least twice a week, and Lohan cannot leave California until November 1st. Lohan was released from an in-patient drug rehabilitation program which she attended at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. On her 22nd day of treatment. Lohan signed her discharge papers from the facility.

Lohan violated probation in a 2007 driving under the influence case. Lohan spent almost 2 weeks of this summer in solitary jail cell because of her violation. Luckily lohan 90-day sentence was cut short because of her good behavior and an overcrowded jail.

Apparently Lindsay's Lohan father Michael Lohan is planning to open up a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Michael plans to relocate to "help people" with addiction problems says Michael. He goes on to state his rehab center is being backed by "a really well known person" Michael did not disclose who this well known person is. Michael claims to have a whole team of therapists in place and financing is done, but he has not settled on a location yet.

Lindsay is doing better though she's not 100% yet. There is still hope for Lindsay and she's on the right path. As for Michael Lohan he seems confident and strong about his plans to open his own rehab center in California.


News of Myanmar Elections Brings Worldwide Skepticism


The Southeast Asian country Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, will be holding its first general elections in 20 years on Nov. 7. It is southeast Asia's poorest country, is currently under the world's longest civil war, and has been under heavy scrutiny in the past couple of years. With a population of 55 million, these elections will be heavily publicized and hotly debated. The European Union has already announced its skepticism regarding the elections, saying they won't consider them legitimate. In 1990, during the last presumably free and fair election, the winning party had its leader locked away under house arrest for 15 years.

Last year's elections held in Iran had an all-too similar feel. In June 2009, Iran held elections for a new president. The official results had President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning the majority of the vote, and this caused a firestorm of international controversy and protests by thousands of Iranians. What ensued was media-exempt violence and the murders of Iranian protesters. Ahmadinejad is considered to be the second-most powerful man in Iran behind its Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Supreme Leader controls many of Iran's important factions, including naming the Heads of State and the armed forces. His quick endorsement of Ahmadinejad as the leader made his win official, much to the dismay of opposition supporters.

Elections were also held in Tunisia in 2009, with another severely oppressive government regime. President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali was expected to handily win another term, a fact made more evident by recent laws eliminating presidential term limits. He easily won a fifth term, getting over 89 percent of the vote. The country is famous for controlling its press, makings laws forbidding others to run for office and intimidating dissenters. In fact, reporters were forbidden access to Ben Ali and other candidates, not being allowed to fully cover them and the elections.

The world will be watching with baited breath to see the outcome of these elections. People are skeptical, and, in light of recent events in Iran, they have every right to be. Because of what happened in Iran and Myanmar's recent history, no one really expects a fair election. Major powers in the country seem set on letting military rule resume in the country after the elections, so it's hard to see a point in holding elections at all. It's tough to say what might sway them to a proper election. The country's large, oppressive military force has made ruins of its country, leaving its people ravaged. If anything, their priorities are on surviving, not governmental policy.


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News – the Woe Factor


News – The Woe Factor!

I'm hopelessly addicted to reading the news. I read several national news Internet publications as well as local news. I want to know what is happening everywhere – not that it will change my life, but I have an aversion to staying informed.

How the news is portrayed in the headline and the actual content of many articles is often contradictory or depending on the political leanings of the writer or editor manages to portray a positive as a negative or vice-versa.

In economic news, I read a headline that declared that "97,000 Jobs Added in February, Weakest in Two Years". I hesitantly clicked on the headline convinced that the bad news would confirm my suspicions that our economy is tanking, The report revealed that unemployment had decreased, wages were rising, jobs for college graduates were plentiful, the trade deficit was retreating and exports reached a record high. Wait a minute! That's good news. The fact that there were 97,000 less jobs available probably meant that many people had successfully found employment. Still, I couldn't help but leave that article believing that somehow our economy is suffering. Full disclosure demands that I report the negative news that high school graduates need to acquire more technical skills to compete in the job marketplace. Really! Is that news?

I read on seeking other stories that piqued my interest. "The Surge is Succeeding" was the headline with the author offering several factual examples of reduced bombings in Iraq as well as commentary from sources inside Iraq that the psychological affects of demonstrating the commitment of the US to securing peace are paying dividends. Seems to me that our political leaders ought to commend the military for their efforts so far and take actions that support their actions. Success means that the US military can leave sooner and regardless of one's political leanings, that is what we all want. Nevertheless, I have read so much that is negative that I guess we are losing. It''s like that in sports, I think. When the home team crowd is taken out of the game, the home team is at a distinct disadvantage. This war stuff might be more psychological than one thinks.

Yesterday news was released that Khalid Sheik Mohammed had confessed during his military trial in Guantanamo Bay, that he was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, that he personally decapitated journalist Daniel Pearl and he took responsibility for a number of attacks on Americans as well as others. Maybe many of us are being misled. Rosie O'Donnell, anchor of the popular daytime series, The View, stated that the only reason he confessed is because he was tortured. There is truth to her assertion, but I suspect that his treatment may have had something to do with the 3000+ that died in the twin towers. I don't think that Khalid Sheik Mohammed is a good person. I'm not sure how Rosie feels.

Attorny General Alberto Gonzales is under fire for asking for the resignations or eight Attorneys General in various districts throughout the US. The fact that President Clinton asked all 93 to resign when he took office has received virtually no press coverage. In case anyone is wondering there is no difference between being asked to resign or being fired. …

Breaking News: Michigan Students Plan Walk-Out


Govenor Snyder of Michigan wants to give a $2 billion tax cut to special interests in Michigan such as CEO’S, insurance companies, and the bank. He is wanting Michigan’s seniors, children, poor, middle-class, and low-wage earners to “make scacrifices”.

Snyder is proposing to eliminate the earned income tax credit (EITC). He also wants to raise taxes on seniors. In his plan is cuts to public education, which has Michigan High Schoolers ready to take to the streets in protest. They do not want cuts to K-12 education funding.

A poll conducted by EPIC-MRA, reveals that 62% of Michiganders oppose cutting K-12 funding. Nearly 60% oppose eliminating the EITC. This tax credit helps many Michigan workers stay above the poverty line.

Students across Michigan are planning walk outs at their high schools for today and tomorrow. Michigan students participating in the walk out want Michigan’s Govenor to leave K-12 funding alone. Lansing Eastern High School students are planning a walk out for Friday, March 11, 2011.


Interview with a Lansing High School Student

Lansing State Journal


 … Is a Great Source for Packers Fans


Every morning, I have a few routines I go through. I get dressed. I have breakfast. I check my e-mail and, before I go to work, I make sure to check out

Being a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan since longer than I can remember, I can't get enough information about the team, even during the off season. In the past, I had to rely on the local newspaper and a few other sports Web sites but all they did was simply rehash the same news everyone else had. I could go directly to the team's Website ( but everything on that always has a positive slant and won't give you the full story.

When I finally found, I knew I had found a perfect resource for me. A collaboration of stories from various Gannett owned newspapers around the state, the site offers a variety of stories and columns I haven't been able to find anywhere else and every one of them is about my favorite team.

The thing I like most about is they are continually updating their site with new stories and angles throughout the day. This is in stark contrast to many of the sites run by Wisconsin papers that usually only print a story or two each day and wait until the next day to add another one. This has been especially important during training camp and pre-season this year because the site has an on-going blog section that will add another story from camp on a regular basis; stuff you probably won't see in other papers such as which quarterback completed the most passes or who ran a wrong route. seems to understand its readers are fans of the team as well. The reason other sites won't cover the stuff I mentioned above is they think readers will be bored with it while understands true fans will stay by their computers for hours waiting for little details like that.

The articles and columns are also unique and informative. For example, rather than focus on the starters (like most other sites are still doing), has already had an article on which draft picks are locks to make the team and which will likely be cut; something that is pretty bold considering the team has only played one pre-season game.

If you're a Packers fan like me, this is a site you need to be on daily.


Graduation is Good News


Many people, parents and kids, can relate to this poem.

Good news or bad news
What do you want to hear
Bad news brings a tear
It also brings fear

Let’s talk about good news
Because it’s seldom on the loose

What’s the good news
I hear you say
I’ll tell you now
I won’t delay

Many parents are elating
‘Cause their kids are graduating
Some of them have future plans
They are ready for demands

We wish these students
Much luck
Some of them
Will make a buck


Multiple Births in the News


Multiple births have always been fascinating to many people. It's not every day you see twins, triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets. They are special and so are the parents that raise them.

With the widespread availability of fertility drugs and treatments, births of multiples are on the rise. Here are a few stories in the news about recent births of multiples:

Twins Born to Multi Race Couple, One of Each Color

CBS reported the birth of a rare set of twins, born in Great Brittan recently. If that isn't odd enough, the twins have bi-racial parents. The twins are not the same color, one twin is white while the other twin is black. That has to be a one in a million chance birth. But wait, this couple also has a set of seven-year-old twin girls who are also two different colors, one black and one white. What are the chances of this happening twice to the same parents?

The new set of twin girls was born prematurely last month. They have now been released from the hospital and are doing well. The family is now seeing double x 2 around the house!

Mom in Detroit Gives Birth to Twins on Different Days, Months and Years!

New Year's Eve brought the birth of Tangernika Woods' first twin, but twin number 2 was stubborn enough to hold out for 26 more minutes making his arrival into the world on a different day, a different month and a different year.

Woods gave birth to two boys, weighing 5 lbs. and 7 ozs., and 5 lbs. 15 ozs. Both babies were healthy and reported to be doing well.

Quintuplets Born on Staten Island, NY

A new set of quintuplets were born Saturday, December 27, 2008 on Staten Island, New York to new parents, Jamie and Kevin Ferrante. They have suddenly gone from having no children to a full house with 5 babies!

The babies were all born within 6 minutes of each other via Caesarean Section. There were 4 girls and 1 boy ranging in weight from 1 lb., 8 ozs. to 2 lbs., 4 ozs. Mrs. Ferrante was 27 weeks into her pregnancy when she gave birth. She had been hospitalized early in December to prevent early delivery and complications. The babies are expected to go home from the hospital in late February or March of 2009.

Mrs. Ferrante had taken fertility treatments before becoming pregnant.

Quintuplet births are still rare these days and very seldom seen. Howver there were at least 3 other quintuplet births reported in the United States in 2008.


CBS News:

Click On Detroit:

Staten Island Today:


Fear, Identity, and Fox News


I hate Woodrow Wilson… He's an evil SOB.

Uttered by Glenn Beck on the Fox News Channel, this sort of hyperbolic rhetoric has become a staple of the hyperbolic rhetoric found in large supply on the network. Fox News Channel is the obvious worst of the bunch, adopting a sort of reconstructionist position that engages a sort of commentary which runs obviously counter its telling tagline: "We report. You Decide." While other networks have obvious underlying assumptions and agendas that inform their reporting, the level of intensity and disregard for responsibility within the platform displayed by FNC is disconcerting.

From the FNC color scheme to the insistent soundtrack to the highly emotive talking heads, the network often seems to have little interest in reporting at all. Bill O'Reilly, the top news show host of the last decade, hosts what amounts to little more than a fear-driven talk show, as evidenced from his opening line: "Caution! You are about to enter the 'No Spin Zone.'" Glenn Beck spends the majority of his time positioning himself as a professor of politics, even placing a chalkboard on his set. It is of note that this supposed expert doesn't possess a single degree from any university. The same goes for Sean Hannity, the host of Hannity's America. One certainly cannot quibble with the show's title, as it is Hannity's America, certainly not the one you or I inhabit. His America is one in which struggling patriots fight a battle against the America-hating liberals who want nothing more than to burn our nation to the ground.

Why would the Fox Corporation funnel its funding into such a bizarre venture? Because it sells in droves. The Fox News Channel's top shows usually beat out all other news networks programming within the same time block combined. FNC's understanding of the viewer psyche is disconcerting, as they've tapped into the most basic drives and needs of viewers: fear and identity reinforcement.

Within the reality constructed by FNC, every moment is of the utmost importance, as a single misstep could cost the futures of you and your family. Threats loom behind every corner, with only the "Fair and Balanced" Fox News team to guide its viewers to freedom (an element constantly thought to be in danger). From President Barack Obama and his supposed terrorist connections to Democratic leadership and their supposed hate for all that makes America great, the viewer is trained into a paranoid state of being.

Aside from the issue of fear, Fox News Channel steps out of its way to underhandedly reinforce negative elements of identity among its viewers. Racists, homophobes, misogynistic patriarchs, all are welcome under the Fox News Channel umbrella in ways that often border on the obvious. One of the most ridiculous was the focus put on Obama's middle name (Read: Anyone of a racial or ethnic background that would allow the name "Hussein" is a threat to America.). Attitudes and (lack of) understandings that would result in the social ostracizing of individuals in many settings is embraced by FNC.

The success of Fox News Channel says more about the lack of political and social understanding in American culture than it does about a greedy corporation. Nearly all corporations seek the bottom dollar above all else, but networks like FNC do …

Where Does This Kind of News Come From?


Okay, I have to ask where does the news come up with some of the things they find to write about. My question is in regards to an article I just read on Comcast, written by Sara Hall, eonline. It is about how Brad Pitt is related to Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie is related to Hilary Clinton. This is the article which makes me ask this question.

I think we hear way too much about these celebrities already. Who is pregnant, who is not; Who is sleeping with whom, who is not; which one is seen out to lunch with which other one, who is not; does anyone else get tired of this stuff or is it just me.

It is my opinion that some of the problems of our young people today, by young I mean under 40, comes from so much of this type of redundant information. We feed them so much on how to look and how to act; that it becomes almost an illness for some. In fact, some are ill because of all of the media hype. When will it all stop?

I personally don't find this kind of silly information important and is certainly a waste of my time to read. Oops did I say that? I read it didn't I and that is the idea behind the story either you read it out of interest or because you find it so ridiculous.

If I trace my genealogy I find I am related to the first king of Scotland and my husband is related to the famous Robert the Bruce. Yeah the one who they portrayed as turning in William Wallace. However, he did not but that is another story for another day.

But again, who took the time to find out this information? Why? Genealogy if done correct takes years. Did these people already know several years ago that the two incumbents were running for president this term? If not then why in the world would they be doing their genealogy?

I don't know the answers to these questions, I can only tell you that I find it to be a waste of time and energy. Most people in this country will vote because they believe what the candidate says in their speeches while on campaign. Now you and I both know that every President from George Washington to George W. Bush has not been completely honest while campaigning. They have all made promises such as, no more taxes, no more wars, etc. all have not help up their end of the bargain. A citizen can only vote as they are swayed at the time. You vote and then hope that you made the right choice. Our country will always have taxes, they will always go up. The country will always step into other countries and try to "assist" it will sometimes cause a war. The government will always do the things that our government has done for hundreds of years, it will not change.

We the people will continue to be Free and to live in this country with pride no matter who is related to our President or what his genealogy shows.