No "News" is Good News


There's rarely any good news on 'the News' because, frankly, bad news sells better. Television and radio news shows are productions, just like "Survivor" or "The Apprentice". And just like everything else on the air, they need ratings to stay afloat. Ratings = Commercials = Money.

And to get those all-important ratings, they need to keep people interested. Viewers, by and large, don't really care if the space shuttle launch went well, or if the Pandas at the zoo are expecting a baby, or if a local man won the lottery – they want stories that make them feel better about their own lives.

They want to hear that the President said something stupid, so they feel smarter. They want to find out about Britney's latest breakdown, so they can feel that, even though they don't have her money, they have a better life than her. They want to hear about tax increases so they can complain about how all the world is 'keeping them down'.

They want to see other people fail, so they don't feel like failures themselves.

If only the ultra-negative world would just back off, they say, they'd be rich and famous too. If the world were a more positive place, filled with hope and joy, then we could all 'get ahead'.

But, in typical human fashion, the average viewer has no real interest in actually doing anything about any of these things. They just want more material to complain about during their lunch breaks tomorrow. They say they want the world to be happier, but all they really want to do is whine and spread the misery, hoping for some super-messiah to come along and save them – just as long as they don't have to lift a finger.

Viewers don't want to make their own lives better, they want to be elevated to an exalted status without actually doing anything. The world owes them, after all, and someday everyone will see how great people they are for being "normal".

All hail mediocrity, be a simple kind of man, the meek shall inherit the Earth, and all that. Don't strive to be great – just vegetate. You can't be a failure if you fail to try, right?

Not everyone is so lazy, so selfish, and so callous as all that – but the majority are. And that's who 'the News' caters to. They are in business to make money, above all else, and misery sells. It is, after all, what people want most in their lives.





The gloves have come off and the fur is flying in Dixie as the Republican and Democratic candidates have begun to play dirty with each other. In response to a Mitt Romney ad classifying him as a "Baby-eating Satanist who I'll call the next best hope of the nation if he wins the nomination," Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee sent out a letter to registered voters saying that Mitt Romney was "totally in to Broadway Shows, flowers and a bunch of other gay stuff." Fred Thompson accused front-runner John McCain of being "less patrioticker" than himself while McCain responded with "'Law and Order' sucks." Democrats have been just as dirty, with Hillary Clinton claiming that she is "Againster the War" than Obama. Obama responded by accusing Clinton of trying to kill a Kansas farm girl "and her little dog too." John Edwards, who people have stopped caring about, accused himself of being gay. In other news from the Palmetto State, former President Bill Clinton has been aggressively polling the 18-35 year-old female demographic. "Anything I can do to help," he said.


Major League Baseball has been conducting serious investigations into the existence and use of steroids. So far, they have concluded that not only do steroids exist, but they can be used to enhance athletic performance. The investigation, conducted by crack detective and longtime WWE referee Richard Head, will produce a full report by the end of the 2145 season and is expected to be controversial as several current players are rumored to be named as individuals who have heard about steroids and their ability to enhance athletic performance.


Bountiful American Living Country Orchards, a San Francisco-based company specializing in fruit juices, has reached an agreement with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to be their spokesmen. "I've always believed in the performance-enhancing properties of this company's line of juice products, so this deal is great for me, they've got the nutrients and natural additives I need to help me train hard," said Bonds in a prepared statement. Clemens, in a television interview, stated "I have trained for years and have never knowingly used such products…..until I found out how great they taste and all about their health benefits."


Britney Spears, the most important person in the world in terms of media coverage, went to the restroom, reports say, after eating a big meal. Authorities would not comment on the matter but that didn't stop most everybody else in Los Angeles.


Reuters News Service Buys Bin Laden Photos from Pakistani Official


COMMENTARY: Why wait for President Barak Obama to release photos from the evening Osama bin Laden was killed when you can buy them? That’s just what Reuters, an international news service, did.

However, the images do not show bin Laden.

A May 5 Reuters news report claims the media company purchased photos from a Pakistani security official who wishes to remain anonymous. The official said he entered bin Laden’s compound around 2:30 a.m. on May 2, just hours after the bin Laden killing and snapped the pictures.

The images show three dead men — without weapons — in a pool of blood, bin Laden’s raided compound and the remains of the United States helicopter abandoned during the mission.

Reuters feels the images are authentic. The news organization states the photos were shot in sequence, are of a similar resolution and metadata imbedded into the images match the lighting conditions that occurred during the time stamp ingrained in the photos.

Although, a savvy Adobe PhotoShop wizard could have altered any of those parameters.

Do you feel it’s ethical for news services to purchase imagery that President Obama deems potentially dangerous if made public? The president has said publicly the images could spark retaliatory protests and additional terrorist attacks.

In the age of instant news updates via social media networks and text alerts, the images will be in the hands of the average citizen soon. Will you look?


Fox News Caught Lying? Mixed Reaction During Straw Poll Announcement


All the world's a-twitter with a story circulating about Fox News being caught lying about the audiences reaction to the announcement of Republican Ron Paul as the winner of the CPAC 2011 Straw Poll. The cheers which actually accompanied this year's video were overwhelming compared to the mixed reaction which was heard in 2010.

One loud mouth in the crowd can be heard in the background with a low pitched "BOOO" while others are cheering in the 2010 video. The announcer says it's a mixed reaction and it is. Watching the latest video, you can hear only cheering.

Although Fox News hasn't been at the forefront of great news reporting, this was another attempt at news manipulation at its finest and the idiot liberals who love to sling mud and throw rocks at the right wing are having a field day. Why does Fox feel the need to lie to the public just to sway a straw poll?

The offending video can be seen here video.

Now that you've actually seen and heard the video – you can be the judge however, it is clear some news director got a wild hair up their a** and decided to switch video. Whether the anchors knew it is unclear, but I've been in the newsroom and they usually know all about what's going on air. In fact, they usually write it.

Unfortunately, Fox has been caught with their pants down and it's full moon but not the effect they were looking for. Fox needs to go on the air, apologize for this huge blunder. How they are going to get any credibility back is beyond me. Once a liar it's hard to gain any trust and at this point it's off with their heads!

As for Fox – well, you've been caught red-handed stating the facts even if they are twisted – but switching video? How could you?


Reading Movie News Blurbs


As summer draws near, the summer blockbuster season will soon be upon us. In order to drum up buzz about their films in such a competitive market, the public relations and press releases are churning out all sorts of blurbs hoping to catch the eyes of the ideally undiscerning reader/potential movie goer. Here are a few general ones and its true meanings.

First hit of the summer!

"We're not sure how well our summer film will fare against other summer films, so we're releasing it earlier to avoid competition."

Remember when summer began in June? Movie studios apparently did not. The past summer blockbuster seasons have shifted from mid June to early to June to late May. And now the summer blockbuster season starts the first weekend of May. What's the matter, afraid your Norse God won't stack up against the leader of the Autobots?

The greatest film since (Title of great film)

" Our film can't stand on its own legs so it's riding off the success of another film."

I hate critics who cite previously released films during reviews of current films. One potential pitfall is that I or the intended audience may not have seen the previous film and tangentially will be able to compare the two. The worse pitfall is that I or the intended audience hated the previous film and will now avoid the current film for being similar.

A multinational cast.

"Our film will have a combination of an aging British actor serving as a mentor, an attractive exotic girl for eye candy, a token black character who will most likely die, and an Asian star with a huge international following who guarantees that our film will sell well in his/her home country. The main characters will still be young white males."

Hollywood is still whitewashing its films no matter where the stories originate. Some comedy groups have poked fun at that while other actors like George Takei are speaking out on it. So far the race battle is still an uphill one.

Impressive visuals.

"We forgot to write a plot."

An alarm blares in my head whenever I read this. Saying a movie has impressive visuals is like saying a movie used a camera to film it. Movies are not radio programs-they're supposed to have visuals. And those visuals are meant to impress. If that is the only thing worth mentioning, then it just means the studio spent more money on visuals than plot. Animated and 3D films are especially guilty since they tend to think visuals are enough to impress an attention deficit audience.


News and Nostalgia: The New Newseum Promises to Be a "First Amendment Beacon"


Fun, "inspiring," and "interactive" are the three words Cathy Trost, Director of Exhibit Development for Washington, D.C.'s future Newseum uses to describe the museum that is sure to become "a First Amendment beacon" with its comprehensive exhibit on the Five Freedoms. The world's only museum devoted exclusively to news and media is moving from Arlington, Virginia to a prime location on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. next to the Canadian Embassy with plans to open on October 15, 2007. Boasting 14 major galleries, 12 additional exhibit areas, fifteen theaters, two state-of-the-art television studios, a shop, and a restaurant, the Newseum seeks to provide a thorough, investigative presentation of the history and evolution of news media that will appeal to a larger and more diverse audience than its Arlington location attracted.

Perhaps the most widely anticipated exhibit is the Newseum's 1, 700 square foot gallery about the First Amendment and its examination of the Five Freedoms (freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition, and freedom of religion). Trost, who wrote the text for the First Amendment exhibit, claims that it will warn visitors how "We…take free press rights for granted" by emphasizing how "little relevance the First Amendment has in other countries."

Cox Enterprises and the James M. Cox Foundation of Atlanta announced their full sponsorship of the First Amendment exhibit on March 27 of this year with a pledge of $6 million. In response to the pledge, Newseum CEO Charles L. Overby thanked Cox , stressing that, "The First Amendment experience is at the core of the Newseum mission," according to a press release on the Newseum's website.

Other Newseum exhibits will focus on the media's response to the tragedies of September 11; the dangers of dateline reporting; the expansion of global journalism; the evolution of anchor news; information about students' free speech and press rights; and the transformation of news and development on Pennsylvania Avenue. Trost mentions that she is especially excited about the exhibit devoted to comic strips, joking "there's hardly anything you can do to cause more commotion from newspaper readers than change a comic."

While the quality of the exhibits has yet to be determined, the sheer amount of content the museum will tentatively show is in itself impressive. The Newseum exhibit development team plans to display over 100, 000 words in gallery scripts; 1, 800 illustrations, cartoons, photographs, and other images; 6, 180 artifacts (the oldest one being a 2, 575 year-old statue from ancient Egypt); and 1, 063 press passes.

One of the reasons why the Freedom Forum, the organization in charge of the Newseum, decided to relocate the Newseum was because it was too small to house its huge collection of journalism memorabilia. The Freedom Forum also cites the Arlington location's inconvenient accessibility as an incentive to move the museum. With its location in the nation's capital, the new Newseum is bound to snag more visitors than the old one did. Trost says that the "experience
Many members of the Arlington community, however, are disappointed that the Newseum is leaving. It once was a popular destination for middle and high school journalism students seeking to augment their knowledge in the field. Bernie Thrasher, 17, a junior at Arlington's Yorktown High School interested in pursuing a career in …

News Bits: Business and World News


Business News

Kraft proposes $16.7 billion, Cadbury rejects

Kraft Foods Incorporated offered to pay $16.7 billion to buy out the British candy maker, Cadbury PLC. Cadbury rejected Kraft's proposal because it felt that the offer "undervalued the company". Kraft is unrelenting, however and is determined to propose a price that is supported by Cadbury. Cadbury stock experienced a sharp rise (41 percent) Monday on the London Stock Exchange.

G-20 continues stimulus programs, Euro and Asian stocks rise

The G-20, consisting of the globe's 20 wealthy and developing nations, decided to continue its stimulus programs, which are intended to support the global economy. This news proved beneficial to the European and Asian stock markets Monday as the markets rose. News that Cadbury rejected Kraft's $16.7 billion bid also sent stocks upward.

World News

Philippines: capsized ferry kills 9; 926 rescued and 33 others missing

Sunday, a Philippine ferry capsized killing 9 people. The accident injured 926 people and 33 others are still missing and search efforts are underway. There is no evidence that the accident was due to a terrorist attack.

Sudanese women wearing trousers fined, not flogged

Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese journalist is challenging a conservative Islamic law, which prohibits women from wearing trousers in public. In July, Hussein was arrested and charged with public indecency for appearing in public wearing trousers. The international community which has sympathized with Hussein's cause drew significant criticism of the law and compelled the judge hearing Hussein's case to issue a $200 fine rather than 40 lashings to women wearing trousers in public. In protest of the law, Lubna Hussein chose not to pay the fine and to remain in prison for one month.

Iraq: 7 killed and 10 injured by car bomb

Police and hospital spokespersons have confirmed that seven people were killed and ten others injured by the explosion of a car bomb near Ramadi, Iraq on Monday.

3 British men connected to al-Qaida convicted of plotting a major terrorist attack

Three British men were found guilty by a United Kingdom court of planning a major attack on the United States and Canada. The three Muslim men, all in their late twenties, intended to blow up around seven planes in the United States and Canada. British and United States officials have directly connected this planned attack with al-Qaida and Pakistani Islamic radicals. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Tanvir Hussain, and Assad Sarwar were three of 25 individuals arrested in August 2006 for plotting the attack.

Iran will continue its nuclear program says Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reaffirmed that Iran will not stop its nuclear development program. Ahmadinejad claimed that the development of a nuclear program is in harmony with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. He claims to be willing to engage in talks with global powers, but is unwavering in his stance that it is the Iranian nation's right to develop a nuclear program. A watchdog for the United Nation's has warned that the conflict over Iran's nuclear program will lead to a "stalemate".


Cadbury rejects Kraft's $16.7 billion bid

Stocks rise after G-20 say stimulus will stay

9 dead, 926 rescued from capsized Philippine ferry

No flogging for trouser-wearing woman in Sudan

Police: Car bomb in west Iraq kills 7, wounds 10

UK court convicts 3 of plot to blow up …

News Service


Behind the headlines peer,

The curtain where news is concerned

Makes tonight's stories so vivid.

Series changing media channels magic

And poses much of a wise house.

Global minutes spilling over squeeze an

Hour enough to accommodate the network.

Bottom house starts at its usual time

And it's a new pain; fatigue and other

After a year.


Paula Deen and Other News


Paula Deen is in the news today, but not for a new recipe, cookbook or for her health. She is being sued by a former employee for using derogatory language. Her showed is being dropped from the Food Network at the end of the month when her contract is up, due to something that she admitted in an interview about something that happened several years ago. She has apologized publicly and says that she is looking forward to her day in court over the lawsuit, but I am sure the media will destroy her career and possibly that of her sons as well over this.

What she admitted to was the use of the "N" word and racist slurs several years ago after being robbed by an African American man while she was a bank teller. My first thoughts when I heard the news story was she was raised in southern Georgia and I am sure that words like that were used often and were she probably didn't think about what she said if she was upset about being robbed. I have accidentally cursed before when something unexpectedly happened and then regretted it later. I believe that as someone in the public eye, she should not be punished like this over something that happened before she was on the network. I feel that we need to look at our own lives and let others make mistakes without crucifying them for their actions all the time, after all they are human.

The "N" word is very controversial anyway as it is considered racist when a white person uses it, but it is used in rap songs very often and widely accepted in the music world as well as in the African American communities. It is a word that might have had a derogatory tone to it at one time in history, but I believe that it is a part of history and racism is a part of our history and we need to realize that and realize that some words might not be a part of our daily language, but could be used by someone and not considered to be wrong.

Edward Snowden, another name that is widely known now, is being charged with espionage charges. I am not quite sure where I stand on this issue. I believe that we, as American citizens should have the right to talk to who we want without having our conversations recorded without our knowledge and I believe that he done a good thing by bringing this out in the open although I do see the risks that he could have put us in. I know that this is the governments' way of keeping tabs on terrorists activity, but I also see it as a fringe on our rights. As a citizen, I feel that our rights are slowly being taken away and that the government is using these excuses for doing it to make us feel that it is alright that they take the rights away.

I also wonder what else they are doing that we do not know about and that might affect us later. I know that this has brought several topics up in conversations that I have had with others. "Big Brother" might just be getting too much information and …

Alcoa's Eagle Cam Had Good News This Morning


Over a million people a year have tuned into the reality shows being produced at the Alcoa Eagle Cam in Davenport, Iowa, and Eagle Cam in Decorah, Iowa, for the last two early springs. Avid fans have kept a running dialogue about sightings of couple copulation, egg laying, eaglet hatching and fledgling flights. It was previously reported that the Alcoa Eagles of Davenport were expecting a St. Patrick's Day delivery, and they are only three days behind schedule, but we all know the first one can come any time.

Around 11 this morning, the first baby eaglet hatched at the Alcoa Eagle Cam in Davenport. Although eagle egg hatching is not an exact science, eggs are predicted to hatch in 35 days after they are laid. Based on last year's information I used a calendar to compute that St. Patrick's Day would be the first possible day the first egg might hatch based on that 35-day bit of information. However, based on the number of days it took Liberty and Justice to incubate their first egg last year, I surmised it most likely would arrive later, and possibly around March 21.

As I said, it isn't an exact science, and the hatching began for excited viewers on Monday morning, March 19. It was a long vigil as spectators waited for the cracked egg to be totally breached by the emerging fluffy little grey eaglet. The first sighting this morning was actually of a curled up wet, scrawny little specimen who didn't look strong enough to sustain life. However, the little guy or gal quickly dried out, turning into an adorable ball of grey, downy fluff with a tiny yellow beak that very much resembled Mommy and Daddy's.

Again, based loosely on last year's hatchings, I would predict the next egg to hatch around March 23 or March 24, and the third egg to hatch around March 26 or March 27. However, the Alcoa news release says they might come as early as tomorrow or the next day.

Decorah's Eagle Cam, also is expecting eminent arrivals. Their first eaglet egg arrived on Feb. 17, so I'm predicting March 26 or March 27 for their first hatching. Their second arrived on Feb. 20, so I'm predicting March 29 or 30. Their last one came on Feb. 24 so I'm predicting April 1 or 2.

Baby eaglet No. 1 has officially been named after the god of Thunder, Thor. With five more eggs to hatch, I'll cross my fingers you're able to catch at least one of them. Good luck with your Eagle watching. Updates to follow as news of the next hatchings breaks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2020

Liberty and Justice had egg number 2 hatch at the Alcoa Davenport, IA web cam. As previously noted, eaglet hatching is not an exact science and even at 6:20 this morning a hole could be seen in one of the two remaining eggs. Liberty fed her first hatchling a breakfast of leftover raw fish. The feeding took approximately ten minutes, and then Thor snuggled down into the nest, seemingly sated. Liberty pulled loose straw around baby Thor, and settled atop her brood to wait for the arrival of baby eaglet number 2 who was not long in coming. Now feeding time that took ten …