North Carolina News Weekly


North Carolina has been steaming up lately, but not by weather alone. Here are some of the news stories you may have missed and today's Tea Party you still can catch!

Enterococci, a common bacteria, has been climbing all summer long and closing North Carolina lakes temporarily. First it was Falls Lake beaches that were closed in July due to high levels of enterococci. They were re-opened only to be closed on numerous occasions again. Falls Lake is open at this time, but Lake Wheeler Lake has been the latest to join in the high level enterococci scare. Enterococci can cause infection and diarrhea. Catch this story.

John Edwards, former U.S. senator from North Carolina and two-time Democratic presidential candidate, has been known for many accomplishments, but being fathering a mistress's baby is not one of them. The National Enquirer claims that the DNA tests are in! John Edwards is the father of Frances, an 18-month-old baby girl. John Edwards baby seems to reach new heights on Google Trends. Rielle Hunter, Edward's former mistress and mother to Frances, arrived in Raleigh's federal courthouse last Thursday with her New Jersey attorney, an FBI agent and a member of the IRS. Catch this story.

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan may or may not be in the office today at 3:45 p.m. since a Tea Party protest is scheduled to occur over the health care reform bill. Conservative groups are said to reach up to 1,000 in attendance in front of her New Bern Avenue office. Follow the latest that has been unfolding all week long in North Carolina. Catch this story.

North Carolina has 100 counties and as of 2008 it has been recorded as the fourth-fastest growing state in America. Amongst the tax-free holiday Gov. Purdue signed for tax-increases. With over 9 million citizens in North Carolina, that's a pretty penny to gather. However, outside of North Carolina's financial woes and debt, the down and dirty news, North Carolina citizens, for the most part, wake up each morning turning a new page.